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Getting Started - threads and hoops

Everything you need to know about starting your embroidery project!

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Table of contents:

Thread a needle

Cut & split thread

Pull thread so it doesn't tangle

Hoop up your fabric

Set up your workstation - for hands-free stitching!

Coming soon!

Prep your embroidery hoop

Coming soon!

Tie a knot on the end of your thread

Coming soon!

Start embroidery without a knot on the back

Knots on the back are perfectly fine. But sometimes it's nice not to have bulk on the back - like when you're making brooches. Here's how to start a new thread, with no knot on the back. Magic!

End your thread - wrapping on the back

End your thread - no knots or wrapping

Coming soon!

See also:

Basic embroidery stitches

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My favourite embroidery stitches Coming soon!


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