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Ugly Xmas Sweater

Kit Instructions

Table of contents

  • Intro
  • Online Gallery - get inspired!
  • Embroidery Basics
  • Instructions
    • Test out stitches
    • Decorate your sweaters
    • Finish your sweaters with a ribbon and sticker backing
  • Add your work to the online gallery
Intro Video


This is a 'choose your own adventure' style kit. The laser cut pieces can be arranged any way you like. 

This kit is inspired by ornaments I made for friends and family. I attach ornaments to holiday cards and bottles of wine to give as gifts. I designed a 'party pack' of sweaters so you can share this kit with friends and family - - stitching tiny sweaters in front of your favourite film.

My kits are designed to replicate the experience of an in-person workshop, where everyone makes their own unique artwork. I include extra materials so you can practice and experiment. I also include multiple templates and design ideas, so you can decide what you'd  like to make. I like working with people 1 on 1 to bring their ideas to life - so if you run into any trouble, please shoot me an email or DM me on instagram and I'd love to help.


Happy stitching!

- Shannon Quigley

Intro Video

Online Gallery

This gallery showcases everyone's creativity. Get inspired by what people have made - and email me a photo of your work to inspire others. Let your creativity run wild! 

Your artwork here.
Send in a photo
Embroidery Basics

Embroidery Basics

Do you have a question about embroidery? Is there a video you'd like to see here that doesn't exist yet? Please email me at - I would love to hear from you! 

You can also sign up for newsletters (scroll to the bottom of this page) to find out about free 'stitching hour' virtual workshops and ask questions live! 

Warm Up Exercises


You can decorate these sweaters any way you like! Feel free to dip into your own stash to add extra beads and thread colours. You can add initials or funny messages to make personalized gifts and holiday decor. 

1. Test out stitches

2. Decorate your sweaters 

  • The sweaters come with some subtle laser etched patterns on one side. You can use these patterns if you like - or flip them over for a blank slate. The etched patterns are a bit subtle on darker shades of felt. You can touch them up with a pencil if needed. 

3. Finish your sweaters with a ribbon and sticker backing

  • Your kit contains 1 pieces of ribbon. Cut it into 4 pieces. An easy way to measure, is to fold it in half and cut in the middle to make 2 pieces - then repeat with each half to make 4 pieces. 

  • Tie the ends of each ribbon together to create 4 separate loops.

  • Peel back the paper from the velvet sticker backing and stick the ribbon loop on the sticker

  • Attach the sticker to the sweater

  • Carefully trim around the sticker as needed.

  • Tie a knot on the end of the ribbon.

  • Peel back the paper from the velvet sticker backing and stick the ribbon on the sticker

  • Attach the sticker to the sweater

  • Carefully trim around the sticker as needed. 

Here are a few videos with ideas for how to decorate your sweaters: 

Attach a tree with beads
Add Holly 
Add a simple running stitch border 
Add fancy and combined borders 
More videos coming soon - including more advanced stitch patterns and a video about assembly with ribbon and sticker backing. 
Share your work!

Take a picture and add it to the online gallery!

I would absolutely love to see what you create!


Send in a photo to share your work and inspire fellow stitchers. 



  • Email a photo to

  • Or DM me on instagram (If you have a public profile you can tag me, but if your profile is private I can't see your photos even if I'm tagged).

  • If you like, include a few words along with your photo to go in the gallery. It's great to hear a bit about how you made your piece - what stitches you used, or what inspired your design. 

  • Let me know if you'd like your name to appear in the gallery or your instagram handle. The default option is to have no name written. I won't post any names or instagram info without permission. Thank you! 

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